Welcome to the RED COSMIC MOON Year. This is such a POTENT year! The 13th year of a 13-year cycle of PURIFICATION with the RED MOON.

This year has been prepared for by learning to co-create in the previous Yellow Crystal Seed year. We learnt to quest-i-on any fears around coming together to use our collective intelligence in focusing on co-creating the planet we want to live on. Dissolving fear that has no real basis, using it as fodder for expanding from personal to collective awakening. 

Now we flow into the 13th and final year of 13 years of Purification with RED COSMIC MOON! A transcendent year of expansive awakening, of the whole planet, to the need to be aware and responsible for the state of our Earth, finally!

The awareness that we must  take greater care of our elemental world, the Water, the Earth, the Air, the Fire and the Ether (consciousness) that flows thru all. Coupled with a greater respect for the feminine side of life within us all!

Beginning to let go of ‘progress at all costs’, in favour of choosing a path that is in alignment with the indigenous in us all. Recognising our roles as custodians, rather than rapists.

The Earth has given us many signs and finally they will be taken heed of! And, of course, if not, we have already seen the results! Increasing cyclones, tidal waves, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and those are just detailing the natural phenomena.

So this is the year we take heed of messages we are given and expand. Exploring how to purify what has been dirtied, in our consciousness, reflected in our environment.

The RED COSMIC MOON processes on the Spiritual Plane and allows a state of Presence to assist with the purification of our innate collective way of being.

It IS the final countdown, no more will there room for the mindless destruction of our Earths resources without vast consequences.

This is an exciting year to bear witness to what occurs. Will the corporate world begin to care about what it is  doing to the Earth and all her creatures? Will Humanity get the drift, or will there be increased weather patterns natural and unnatural to wake us all up?

This is the year we have the opportunity to fully develop our sensitivity, as we prepare to enter the Divine Feminine Cycle next year for 13 years.

It is a great TIME to track the days with a 13 Moon Synchronometer for this, to be more greatly attuned to the natural cues of the planet and the cosmos. Gifting us with daily reminders of our connection to the weave of life, paying heed to what  the Earth requires of us, in order to survive and thrive!


In lak’ech

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