Kin 117, Red Cosmic Earth

Red Cosmic Earth is the presence of deep gratitude for the evolution of Pacha Mama, with dedicated breath in service to her ever-evolving cycles… Red Cosmic Earth is the 13th and final day of the Serpent Wavespell. Here the presence of survival is felt as a capacity to listen and respond to the cycles of evolution […]

Kin 221: Red Cosmic Dragon (Saturday 21 September / Electric Moon 2 Seli)

Blessed be the Divine Mother… She who births anew each and every day… May we honour today the Mother Serpent Goddess, Nammu, Coatlicue, Lilith, the Matikas, Ophiuchus – the archetype Goddesses of the Cosmic Dragon Serpent Mothers that birth pure consciousness itself, from the Universal Waters of her Womb… May the feminine no longer be degraded, […]

Kin 221: Red Cosmic Dragon ‘Nurturing Presence’

Good Morning Planetary Kin.. So today is the last day of the 13-day cycle of the Moon, the cycle of flow, sensitivity to pure consciousness, and purification… The Cosmic/13th day brings presence to the original energy that initiated at Tone 1/Magnetic, and evolved to this final step in the mastery of this energy… So the […]

Kin 78: White Cosmic Mirror (guided by the Wind) / Magnetic Moon 20 / Aug 14

Good Morning Planetary Kin… White Cosmic Mirror is the 13th day of the Worldbridger wavespell… On the 13th day the work is done and we hold presence of the original purpose of surrender, letting go to allow opportunities for the right connections… To be a pure truly aligned in the truth to allow spirits messages […]

Kin 40: Yellow Magnetic Sun (self guided) / Cosmic Moon 11 / July 7

Good Morning beloved kin… So today we begin the Sun wavespell, and this morning I am receiving emails about the increased Solar Flare activity we are experiencing right now which is blacking out satellites and having effect on other sensitive equipment.. Well whatever it is doing for technical equipment, you can know it is having […]