Red Cosmic Moon year – July 26 2018 – July 25 2019

Welcome to the RED COSMIC MOON Year. This is such a POTENT year! The 13th year of a 13-year cycle of PURIFICATION with the RED MOON. This year has been prepared for by learning to co-create in the previous Yellow Crystal Seed year. We learnt to quest-i-on any fears around coming together to use our collective […]

Kin 130: White Cosmic Dog ‘Loves Presence’

Today is the 13th day of the Mirror wavespell, the 130th day of the 260-day Tzolkin galactic spin… We are at the halfway mark, or the last day of the internal process of spinning from the outside rim of the doughtnut of evolving consciousness to the inner centre, just about to emerge as a dolphin […]