Kin 213: Red Overtone Skywalker (Friday 13 September / Lunar Moon 22, Dali)

Good Morning beautiful Kin… Today allows us to explore our expanding consciousness in order to birth a more potent sensitivity and radiance, taking command of our capacity to empower New Time… Todays predominant colour is red, the fire, to initiate, so today we take command by exploring our dedication to the journey of New Time, New […]

Kin 48: Yellow Solar Star

Good Morning to all… So today is the 9th day of the Sun Wavespell in the Mayan Dreamspell ( harmonic matrix… The 9th day is called Yellow Solar Star… And today we focus towards raising vibration to the highest potency of beauty… Realising the elegance of the harmonic geometries of light, and creating by seeding intentions […]

Kin 226: White Overtone Worldbridger ‘The Power of Letting Go/d/dess’

Good morning planetary kin… So today is 260 days since my birthday, representing one galactic spin into my evolutionary learning for this year… I have been putting off writing about today in favour of pure experience, and so now I am ready… I am also aware that today is a big energy, calling for big […]