THE POTENCY OF THE NEW TIME – Yellow Seed Wavespell, Kin 144-156

Hola dear hearts from deep in the mountains of Pacha Mama… So today we begin the new cycle with Kin 144… The 13th number of the Fibronacci pattern… There is a story that it is either 144 or 144,000 people that hold the same thought form and then it joins the collective conscious… If anyone […]

Kin 144: Yellow Magnetic Seed (Saturday, July 6)

Welcome to the 13-day cycle that initiates our capacity to co-create the new time… The Seed focuses its energy on drawing deep earth energy up through its roots in order to grow into the light of day and further to flower in an ever-growing awareness of the light… Focusing all its intention to reaching to […]

Kin 147: Blue SelfExisting Hand ‘Defining Accomplishment’

G’day beloveds… As I write my first blog since returning to this great and ancient continent of Gondwanaland, the dreaming continent of Australia… I can feel a different quality under my feet, the solid grounding of this huge land that stretches for thousands of miles eastward, as I arrive on the western edge of this […]