Kin 3: Blue Electric Night

Good Morning all… Today is the 3rd day of both the 13-day Dragon wavespell and the 260-day Tzolkin or harmonic matrix… Today we activate the process of birth and the ability to respond to the moment in a caring way, by diving deep into the unconscious in order to feel and heal… To be guided […]

Kin 2: White Lunar Wind

Happy day to you… Today is the 2nd day of the 260-day Tzolkin or Harmonic Matrix or Count of Days or Light… It is also the 2nd day of the Dragon 13-day wavespell of birthing the new… It is another day when Uranus and Pluto square for the 4th time intensifying the planetary stress of […]

Kin 247: Blue Cosmic Hand (Thursday 17 October / Electric Moon 28 Silio)

Rainbow Bridge Meditation day is always the 28th day of each of the 13 Moons… Today also happens to be the 13th day of the Eagle wave spell of Vision… So today we complete a Moon and a Wavespell, a wonderful synchronicity… Today we are guided to trust that indeed the greater healing IS happening, […]

Kin 232: Yellow Spectral Human (Wednesday 2 October / Electric Moon 13 Limi)

God/dess morning to all… Today is the 11th day of the 13-day cycle of the Wind, the 11th day always brings with it emotional release… And today we are liberating spirit through making choices that have been informed by the communication of the past 10 days … A day to release and let go all […]

Kin 215: Blue Resonant Eagle (Sunday 15 September / Lunar Moon Gamma 24)

Good Morning Planetary Kin… So today is day 7 of the 13 day cycle of the Moon, the cycle of flow and purification… So today we look for a little emotional distance, in order to acknowledge any need for healing… This allows a pure vision to channel in that inspires us to focus forward on […]

Kin 211: Blue Electric Monkey (Wednesday 11 Sept / Lunar Moon Limi 20)

Good morning planetary Kin… So today is the 3rd day of the Moon wave spell, 13 days of purification and flow… Electric Monkey was the day of the Venus Transit of June 8, 2004… Electric Monkey is also one of the 13 clear signs inscribed on the Tomb lid of Pacal Votan, the tomb that was […]