Rainbow Bridge Meditation day is always the 28th day of each of the 13 Moons…

Today also happens to be the 13th day of the Eagle wave spell of Vision… So today we complete a Moon and a Wavespell, a wonderful synchronicity…

Today we are guided to trust that indeed the greater healing IS happening, even in the face of so much happening on the planet that looks to the contrary, we are asked to embrace a child-like sense of play and magic that pushes the edges of our IMAGINATIONS, and SEEs the healing of all that APPEARS to be beyond our reach… Know the illusion of limitation, and claim the presence of our most creative and collective mind to heal what appears to seem impossible… We are asked to play with our most creative mind and imagine the healing of our planet… Perhaps it is a great day to imagine all the machines that are continually trying to pump our planets blood out of her veins, and imagine them stopping, without any disasters ensuing…

Today is a day to call for all the support we can from the unseen worlds and collectively ask for all inside and outside of us, that is trying to destroy the planet and its people to have a change of heart, and see the error of these ways, and reverse all that is killing life, into life-affirming… We ask to see that the big corporations such as Fonterra, Monsanto, the oil companies etc etc put HEART before blood money… We call on all of the highest energies of purest love and light to join and CEASE all that harms our planet… We ask for this from our highest and purest self and that we dedicate to this in our own lives… We ask that today the greatest healing the world has ever known occurs… I ask that the pulse of electricity that is continually being ignited on the ocean floors, every 12 seconds in the search for oil off the coasts of New Zealand and anywhere else on the planet, where all the marine life has been so abundant, to CEASE NOW and CEASE TO BE FOREVER MORE!… WE ASK FOR ALL TO CONSCIOUSNESS INSIDE AND OUTSIDE OF US TO AWAKEN , AND FOR TODAY AND EVERMORE WE TRUST AND SEE THAT THIS IS HAPPENING IN AND FOR THE GREATEST BALANCE FOR ALL BEINGS! (AND SO IT IS AND SO MOTE IT BE! x3)

Please feel free to add your own prayers to this, to enhance our lives and the life of our divine planet!

Today we are in the culminating presence of the cycle that has been dedicated to looking at the bigger picture, has it been easy, possibly not… Have we felt helpless, possibly so… Today is the day to do whatever we can by sending our energy and prayers internally and externally, planet-wide and into the cosmos for healing, as healers and magicians of LIGHT and LOVE!… Harness the universal energy, the electro-magnetic currents in coherence with the gravitational and bio-psychic forces that are at our finger-tips, activated by our most divine cosmic and creative minds to create the most divine magic possible, because today this IS POSSIBLE!

Ask everyone you know to imagine the most powerful healing occurring on our planet today… We DO know magic and today heralds great accomplishment with the use of the greatest and most positive and powerful magic that we can imagine!!!

Predawn the presence of the most wise ancestral realms enters our dreaming, guiding us to become fearless and question all that is occurring on our planet that is not of the most enlightened behaviour… The ancient wisdom that illuminates the highest spiritual intelligence is available to us, as a great light is with us today… A light that is there, available to use for healing… An illuminated presence from all the most enlightened societies and people that have ever been and that ever will be… There for us to encourage playing with our most divine healing magic today!

This morning be guided by your vision, your capacity to imagine, your capacity to fly high above the surface of everyday life and see the realities of what is occurring on our planet, and be with that great magic that is available inside of you, gifted by the most enlightened ancients and futuristic seers, for us to harness that magic and send divine healing wherever it is needed… Go into those offices of those corporations and send that light deep into the hearts and minds of all the people of our planet, to bring change, to make decisions that are life-affirming from this day forward, and to do the same into your own depths, knowing all as connected… To empower all to harness the alternative energy systems that will bring lasting healing to our planet and its people and all of life… To see that all people and ourselves, have the change of heart that brings caring and love to the creatures and all life forms of our planet, and that we all see that all of life is connected and understand that we must honour and respect all of life, if we are to survive as our most divine design… That those energies that may be forcing any agendas that differ from this, are commanded to simply disentegrate and transform into love, with the next life-negative thought… That the light forces are asked to intervene and escort off our planet, all who do not get the collective highest vision of living life in abundance as is the programme of Gaia, PachaMama, Earth… To live in nirvana, that we may find our way to the most natural and harmonic divine design that this planet was intended for… Again call on this magic, this presence of pure vision today, all is available, and let everyone know to be magical children, just for this one day and lets collectively make a difference NOW!

This afternoon be wholly present with our Mother, the EARTH, and call on her LIFE FORCE from all time to bEarth anew today… To call on her vitality to shake off all that is not needed and is life-negative, with no innocents dying, and recognising that this NEW bEARTH is welcomed and celebrated… Today is indeed where ALL are in service to the much greater picture, a picture where life can again be celebrated and revered, and whatever is needed for that to occur, I am willing, if it means for me to let go of this mortal coil for this time, I am willing… Enough of the destruction and degradation of our WHOLY MOTHER!!! And if there is any day that I shout this from the rooftops it is TODAY!!!

This evening we become mega RECEPTIVE to anchoring new energy onto the planet from many dimensions, let us call that this energy only be of the highest and most illumined and loving life force, as we open our receptors to divine consciousness from all timeless dimensions… Tonight we are entering the core of the tube torus, the apple core of energy, where access to all dimensions is possible… Divine, timeless receiving of the most pure centre of cosmic consciousness…

Remember we are all artists by the very fact that we are given a blank canvas upon which to create the most divine beauty possible, in harmony with all of life… We are given this gift purely by being bEarthed into a physical body… Now go to work dear ones, and accomplish the unimagined, impossible, before breakfast… With the tool of our most elevated and creative minds, the greatest tool we have… So let us all ACTIVATE it, with its most incredible and magical knowing that the greatest and most harmonic vision is being accomplished by all of us NOW! In connection with all of consciousness everywhere!!!

So beloveds a HUGE day for trusting the miracle of healing that is possible with our most creative and far-seeing vision, see all as connected in this web of life, using our most creative vision to see light and love sweep our planet of all that is of the disharmony. Clearing all dimensions of time and space for the initiation of the greatest creative harmonies, as we enter the final wavespell of the 260-day Tzolkin tomorrow… The Star wavespell of harmony, creativity and the reality of TIME IS ART!


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  1. That was a very passionate and powerful transmission. I will resonant and carry that – on wings and with the heart of a warrior today. Gratitude.

  2. Hey WOW! You’ve covered every area so magically, many thanks. I often feel a deep frustration that the majority of human prayers (from most religious/spiritual directions) are only for the human family and fail to embrace and acknowledge the other-than-human families that form the body of this Wondrous and Life-Giving Planet. So THIS PRAYER IS LIKE A BREATH OF FRESH SPIRIT for the planet and this particular expression of LIFE upon HER BOUNTIFUL BODY. Thank you.

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