Kin 130: White Cosmic Dog (Saturday 22 June)

Just as yesterday was the peak of either the shortest or longest day of the year, the Solstice, so today is the peak of the most internal time of the 260-day Tzolkin count… The very centre of 260 days, the time when the inner forces are calling us into the depths of womb of darkness, […]

Kin 131: Blue Magnetic Monkey ‘Let the Fun begin’

Yeehaaahaha!!! The Monkey cycle begins, gather up your inner children and encourage them to spring into the light of day, prancing in the light of joy! Encourage pushing all the boundaries for the sheer fun of it.. Letting go all holds and allow the learning to begin… For without pushing the boundaries we do not […]

Kin 130: White Cosmic Dog ‘Loves Presence’

Today is the 13th day of the Mirror wavespell, the 130th day of the 260-day Tzolkin galactic spin… We are at the halfway mark, or the last day of the internal process of spinning from the outside rim of the doughtnut of evolving consciousness to the inner centre, just about to emerge as a dolphin […]

Kin 260: Yellow Cosmic Sun (guided by the Seed)

Good Morning beautiful Kin and let us welcome in the Sun to shine its glory to the Seeds of the New Time… That we be guided to hold the presence of the potential of the  New Time today… Holding the presence of the Seed of our own illumination today, harmonised by the beauty of our […]