Kin 34: White Galactic Wizard

Good Morning planetary kin… Today is the 8th day of the Hand wavespell of Healing and Accomplishment… Today we integrate the last days through our minds receptivity to recognising patterns… In reflecting upon the patterns that occur, healing is integrated, as a greater receptivity and opening is available… The mind becomes still and honed to […]

Kin 227: Blue Rhythmic Hand ‘Accomplish Balance’

God morning… Today is the 6th day of the Wind wavespell… Today works primarily on the physical plane, the dimension where Hand literally means Hand, and our hands are busy doing all that we need to do to accomplish balance.. It is time to organise all that is needed to walk forward with spirits messages… […]

Kin 125: Red Galactic Serpent ‘Integrating Instinct’

Today is the 8th day of the Mirror cycle/wavespell… As such this Galactic Serpent integrates the direct honesty of the mirror through allowing the flow of the raw instinctual mind… The fight or flight mechanism that allows pure unadulterated brilliance to be revealed… It can be sharp and to the point and in this can […]