Kin 212: Yellow SelfExisting Human (Thursday 12 September / Lunar Moon Silio 21)

Today free will choice is measured by how we use it to align to the elegant design of pure consciousness, in harmony, with creative and beautiful thinking…  We look to the wisdom of the ancients and the outcomes that occurred, when they aligned their thinking creatively, in alignment with the natural lore of our planet and […]

Kin 82: White SelfExisting Wind – May 5, 2013

God Morning beloveds… So today is the 4th day of the Storm wavespell… And today we have the opportunity to define chaos, change and transformation… So it seems the form that change takes is when our minds are as open as a hollow bamboo… No concepts, points of view, or judgments – just a pure […]

Kin 147: Blue SelfExisting Hand ‘Defining Accomplishment’

G’day beloveds… As I write my first blog since returning to this great and ancient continent of Gondwanaland, the dreaming continent of Australia… I can feel a different quality under my feet, the solid grounding of this huge land that stretches for thousands of miles eastward, as I arrive on the western edge of this […]