Kin 152: Yellow Solar Human (Sunday 14 July 2013)

So beautiful people, here I am in Perth, Australia… After feeling such gratitude to Bali for holding me in its beauty and grace, the humble beauty of the Balinese people as they hold space in their deep and real everyday spiritual practise of prayer, tangibly anchoring the harmonic matrix for our planet… I put out […]

White Solar Wind, Kin 22, Bolon Ik – March 6 2013

Dear friends… Welcome to Bolon Ik… Solar Wind in ‘lingo Maya’… Bolon Ik brings me to the Temple of Learning in Palenque, and is also the signature of Lloydine Arguelles, Jose’s wife who assisted with the downloading of the Dreamspell… Solar Wind is the realisation of timeless receptivity and how the shamanic presence allows the channeling of truths, […]

Kin 109: Red Overtone Moon ‘We are the frontline of our bloodlines’

‘We are the frontline of our bloodlines’ These are words from a wonderful and powerful song by a dear sistar Elen Evolove in Byron Bay… And they ring true for this Overtone Moon day… A day where purifying our bloodlines through rolling back the generations to truly feel what it is our ancestors felt, not […]

Kin 87: Blue Solar Hand (guided by the Night) / Lunar Moon 1 / Aug 23

Good Morning Planetary Kin… Today is the 9th day of the Storm cycle, and the 1st day of the 2nd moon/month, the Lunar Moon, where we face the challenge to ground the purpose received in the first Magnetic Moon… The questions to ask – What is the action I need to take to anchor my […]