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What an amazing year we are in – 2012 the year of prophecy – where so much is going on, on all levels, that the greatest advice is to follow your intuition and abide in your truth… This is the year for doing everything as it aligns to your greatest truth. Much of the mechanism of the old paradigm is grinding itself into oblivion and many are choosing to keep their heads in the sand. Yet so too is the Great Awakening occurring for increasing numbers of humanity on the planet, as a tidal wave of expanding awareness focuses on the spiritual aspects which underlie all of life. We are birthing a New Earth and a New Time!!!

The Earth herself is receiving huge pulses of energy from our wonderful Sun, which is affecting the Northern and Southern lights (Auroras Borealis and Australis) at the poles. It is reported these lights are now spreading from the poles towards the equator at both ends of our planet, creating rainbows everywhere. Have you noticed more rainbow tinges in the clouds? All this comes to bear on the prophetic understanding of 2012 as the activation of the Rainbow Bridge, which creates a planet of peace. We are the co-creators of this vision, and we can assist by imagining their meeting every 28 days, heading towards the big worldwide focus on this on Dec 21, 2012. What an incredible opportunity of co-creation with consciousness, what an amazing way to prove to ourselves that along with the destruction, we can more miraculously create the utmost beauty!
Check this youtube to understand the deeper workings of this as delivered by Jose Arguelles. For the direct meditation see here.

Feel free to share this as far and wide as you can, the more people focusing on this to co-create a planet of peace, will support us all to understand the powerful nature of co-creating harmony on Dec 21, 2012, ready for the closing of the cycle and the beginning of the New Time of Peace.

The 13 Moon Synchronometer for the Blue Resonant Storm year is now at print and I am calling for pre-orders. Here is an exerpt from the back of the book – Organise your Life according to a more Cosmic Blueprint! This book is a Synchronometer (New Time calendar) and a daily planner based on the Mayan cosmology of time and energy. It carries in-depth teachings, including the codes for deciphering your personal Dreamspell aignature, with a practical layout designed to help you STAY IN THE FLOW!
This journal carries messages for this year of prophecy from Valum Votan/Jose Arguelles and Stephanie South/Red Queen. It also carries info on the ‘Synchronotron’; the important ceremonial days leading up to Dec 21 2012, Blue Crystal Hand day; a graph of the Galactic Density Spiral of the last 7 Moons before July 26th 2013 which inaugurates the official beginning of the ‘New Time’; plus so much more.

This week is the time to pre-order at wholesale prices, which assists us with printing and cartage costs. From June 7 add $5 to each cost, except for 20 or more the price will be $20 each book.
1-5 copies $25 each + postage
6-20 copies $20 each + postage
21 copies or more $16 each + postage

To order a Journal and take advantage of the wholesale prices, simply deposit the right amount into the appropriate account and email me of your actions with your address within the week. We shall send journals out as soon as they arrive, in time for the beginning of the year on July 26th.

To include postage price you can tally on the following websites –
(each journal weighs 380gms) include $1.50 for envelope and $5 for box
for Australia and internationally, sending from Byron Bay (postcode 2480)
for NZ sending from Wellington
for Europe sending from Holland
for Asia sending from Ubud, Bali
for USA and Canada I am looking for a distributor and we can discuss exchange, is this you?

Details for journal payment are –

FOR AUSTRALIA please deposit into –
BANK: St George
ACCOUNT Name: C Macdonald
BSB-Number: 112-879
ACCOUNT Number: 127360097

FOR NEW ZEALAND please deposit into –
BANK: Westpac
ACCOUNT Name: C Macdonald
ACCOUNT Number: 0306930251557000
BRANCH: Motueka

FOR REST OF WORLD please use –
Paypal –

If sending funds by cheque please email me for address and make payable to CORINA MACDONALD.

We are also running a campaign here for funding for this years journals, as pre-orders do not cover the full printing costs. if you feel to donate, or would like to share it with others, please feel free to. There are great incentives included in the campaign and this is another fun way to order journals, although Indiegogo do keep a percentage of monies. View campaign here.
Lisa Faiman, a dear sister, created the beautiful video on the front page of the campaign, where she distills so poetically the reasoning behind calendar change.

We are very pleased to announce a seven day seminar on the Synchronotron system, open for anyone who hears the call. The Synchronotron system is the last teaching given by Valum Votan – Jose Arguelles. As such it integrates all the previous time tools in an elegantly simple yet very profound practice. Since it is rather new for all of us, it doesn’t matter so much if you know a lot or a little about the 13 moon calendar, as long as you have an open mind willing to learn.
Let me know if you are interested in this, it will go ahead based on numbers in order to cover costs. We are costing this per number of people attending, the more people the cheaper will be the cost… So if you are interested and know any others that would be interested please let them know and contact me for further details.
You can view more about Synchronotron here.

5. DOOT (Day Out of Time) WHITE RHYTHMIC MIRROR / July 25
The Day Out of Time signifies the end of a year, with the year beginning on July 26. If you choose to host an event or see if there is one near you, see here.
For all those that are in Bali or would like to be here for the Day Out of Time as a pre-cursor to the Synchronotron retreat and would like to be involved in co-creating the event please contact me.

Recently an event was held with the Foundation where we became aware of all that it takes to continually share the New Time work… This foundation, initiated by Jose and Lloydine Arguelles and evolved forward by Stephanie South, the Red Queen, and a small team, carries a very big operation with incredible dedication.
Their website carries amazing archives and is a great way to learn the foundations of the New Time teachings. Here you can download the Galactic Handbook with all the info you need on the road to 2012.
If you should be called to tythe your weekly earnings to a good cause, $20 a month from many people can make a huge difference to their capacity to print the free pocket calendars each year and send them out free to many people as well as the myriad other services they perform in sharing and co-creating the New Time. In the end the more this education is shared the more free we will all be as we introduce the New Time Paradigm.

If you are interested in learning more about the New Time teachings, and would like to do so in a more personal way, there are many people who are available to teach, if a group can be gathered. Let me know where you are and I can connect you with people close by or we can arrange for someone to come to your area to teach.
I am also available for personal sessions and these can be done by skype, or if you are where I am or where I am coming we can do these in person. I can consider coming to your area if enough sessions are available to cover costs. At present I am in Ubud, Bali and will be traveling to Darwin on June 20 for a week to teach a workshop, then possibly a week in Perth.
I suggest attuning to the blog of Stephanie South, RQ, as her sharing assists me to align as we move forward in these strong times. (RQ is Red Queen, based on the tomb of the Red Queen discovered next to the tomb of Pacal Votan, in Palenque. Many synchronicities have revealed parallel realities.)

I again will have – Tzolkin sarong-sized wall hangings; Tzolkin and glyph earrings and pendants; and Rainbow Bridge badges for hats, clothes and bags.
You will be able to view these on my new website, once it is set up in the next couple of weeks.
Order your New Time journal here –

So if you have reached this far, congratulations, you are awarded the honour of being a ‘New Time Co-Creator’!
Thankyou and may we co-create the Rainbow Bridge and witness the fruits of our actions as the creation of a Planet of Peace, saved from the brink of madness…
Blessed be to you and all your ancestors and children for 7 generations to come…

In lake’ch (I am another yourself)
Vasumi, Kin 71, Blue Rhythmic Monkey

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