Day Out Of Time – Red Cosmic Skywalker 25.7.19

This Day Out Of Time or DOOT and New Year (July 25-26) the end of a 13-Year cycle of purification and initiates a new 13-year cycle of anchoring in a greater receptivity to co-creation, listening to spirit, reflecting on the bare bones of what is real by cutting away all that is not true. Collectively the foundation will be based on how to co-create a more loving world that supports all beings. It is time for greater care.

Red Cosmic Moon year – July 26 2018 – July 25 2019

Welcome to the RED COSMIC MOON Year. This is such a POTENT year! The 13th year of a 13-year cycle of PURIFICATION with the RED MOON. This year has been prepared for by learning to co-create in the previous Yellow Crystal Seed year. We learnt to quest-i-on any fears around coming together to use our collective […]

Happy New Year – Welcome to the Planetary Wizard year

Well here we are again on the 28th day of the Cosmic Moon – the last day of the Red Solar Moon year, and it is a Yellow Galactic Human day… Tomorrow, on Red Solar Moon, is the Day Out of Time or DOOT and you can check on the Law of Time website to […]

Kin 164: Yellow Galactic Seed – Happy New Year (Friday 26 July)

Happy New Year and New Time beloved kin… Today is the 1st day of the New Year and the New Time, as we find it reflected in the astrological map that is reveals the stars gathered as a hexagram around the Earth, celebrating the dawn of a new age, signifying all life coming into balance, […]

NEWSLETTER FOR THE NEW TIME now! Hello Planetary Kin… What an amazing year we are in – 2012 the year of prophecy – where so much is going on, on all levels, that the greatest advice is to follow your intuition and abide in your truth… This is the year for doing everything as it […]