Yellow Resonant Sun – 4 March ’13 – Inspiring Light

Hi again… It seems with all the comings and goings and computer outages, this wavespell is not one where I am so reliable with my wavespell or daily transmissions… So here I am at the end of this Resonant Sun day only just having a moment to approach this little PC and  share… In this […]

Kin 202: White Resonant Wind ‘Channeling Spirit’

Good Morning Planetary Kin in a state of deep internal transition… Today I honour my dear friend Rahb who is this signature this year… A dedicated instrument of co-creation, anchoring a new system to receive the sounds of the New Time, adhering to SPIRITS messages each day, uncovering a most divine way to play the […]

Kin 189: Red Resonant Moon ‘Inspiring Flow’

Good Morning Planetary Kin… Today is the 7th day of the Night wavespell of going deeply into the unconscious in order to uncover the abundance that can flow through our lives once we acknowledge the shadows… Today we become inspired by responding to the pure flow of as we feel it in our emotional bodies… […]

NEWSLETTER FOR THE NEW TIME now! Hello Planetary Kin… What an amazing year we are in – 2012 the year of prophecy – where so much is going on, on all levels, that the greatest advice is to follow your intuition and abide in your truth… This is the year for doing everything as it […]

Kin 244: Yellow Planetary Seed (guided by the Human) / Spectral Moon 11 / May 12

Good Morning planetary kin… So today we perfect our vision through co-creation, guided by a united will to energise the potency of our creation… Manifesting the bigger picture comes thru joining with others, and allowing ancestral wisdom to influence us to let go of all but perfecting the task at hand… Today is supported by […]