Good Morning and HAPPY NEW YEAR to all Planetary Kin…

WOW !!!! What an amazing DOOT we had here in Bali… to see fotos go to Swami Arun on FB and check out our Sacred Theatre Prayer-Form-ance fotos… We had an incredible day galactivating the New Time and the Sun is shining here for the first time 3 weeks, pure clear sky as we welcome in the New Year… The year of the Blue Resonant Storm!!!

A year where we will learn to trust the chaos of awakening, and to even be mega inspired by it!!! Generating so much magic through pushing the boundaries of all that has been, to become the change agents, the catalysts, not just waiting for change to happen, but co-creating with consciousness to make it happen!!! This is OUR awakening!!!!

We will be supported this year by Yellow Resonant Sun, guided by the Human, in the Wizard wavespell… To inspire the illuminated light of deep wisdom, received through our developing receptivity to many dimensions beyond what we see… To choose to resonate the light that is being passed to us directly through Grandfather Sun… the light of consciousness!

The challenge that shall strengthen us this year and this day is Red Resonant Moon, guided by the Dragon, in the Night wavespell… To inspire the flow of abundance as we learn to respond to the energy that resonates with the most purity… Purifying our emotional responses to all that is hidden in the collective unconscious… Purifying the blood of the old, to birth the new…

The hidden gift this year and day is White Resonant Wind, guided by the Wizard, in the Warrior wavespell… what a lot of W’s… To fearlessly become hugely receptive channels of spirits messages, opening and becoming the conduits for spirit to move us and anchor new frequencies that assist us to live fearless lives dedicated to the mission of the New Time!!!!

So beloveds what glory, what beauty, what divine timing for us to have chosen to be alive on our beloved Mother Earth!!!

To order 13 Moon Synchronometer Journals, to assist you to track time harmonically into the New Time, email me at… Also to book a skype session or in person session if in Bali, to track your evolution in harmonic time, you may also email me…

Many blessings and much love to all in eternal gratitude for being….


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