Dear Kin…

After a couple of wavespells of traveling and break from the cyber world, I am returning on the morning of this Blue Hand wavespell to connect again and explore the coming Time together…

The Blue Hand wavespell is the 3rd of the 20 x 13-day cycles that make up the Tzolkin of 260 days (conception to birth). So we are entering week 5 and 6 of this pregnancy…

So the Blue Hand attracts a time of accomplishment, known as a busy time, as the Blue Hand is likened to the Hare, in the Turtle and Hare story… Rushing around to accomplish oh so much and gaining much knowledge of so many things along the way, especially of how to accomplish things in a way that brings healing rather than destruction… Healing comes greatly into play here, as we learn to harness the busy-ness of this time, to benefit all… The Hand always follows the Worldbridger, where Death is the bridge from one world to another, giving access to healing energies through passing through into other worlds or dimensions, as we did yesterday on Cosmic Worldbridger, the final presence of that previous 13-day cycle of the Wizard, where we were immersed in deep receptivity and shamanism, gaining access to those healing energies that can be shared through our Hands…

So let us enter this Wavespell!

Blue Magnetic Hand, Kin 27: Wednesday 13 August – Today we are as a magnet, attracting this new frequency of healing accompanied by a sense of accomplishment… What can I accomplish that will bring a greater healing to the whole? What do I need to know and learn in order to do that?

Yellow Lunar Star, Kin 28: Thursday 14 August – Today we ground yesterdays attracted purpose, into the physical dimension. Coming down to Earth with the reality of accomplishing and knowing, in order to heal, through spending time in nature, surrounded by the beauty of harmony and the divine healing energies that are shared through the plants, foliage and elementals, guided by the light of the Sun… Here we learn of true harmony and the divine creative design revealed in natures physical beauty… How do I anchor healing energies by being accepting the challenge to be a co-creator of harmony and beauty, with consciousness?

Red Electric Moon, Kin 29: Friday 15 August – Today we purify our emotional bodies by going with the flow of our most acute sensitivities to the movement of energy… Exploring what it takes to move from a most pure place of sensing all that is around and in us, and allowing that to be the key to moving forward from a place of activating the greatest healing… Accomplishing from a place of purity and healing… A wonderful day to be in water… What does it FEEL like to flow from the most pure space inside? What needs to be cleansed through allowing expression today, as I flow in the moment, exploring the movement of energy as it does me?

White SelfExisting Dog, Kin 30: Saturday 16 August – Today we get to define the movement of yesterday, as we look compassionately at what needs to be released in order to love the shadow and create connection with others… This compassionate loving mind seeks the shadow, loving it into healing, to release the thought forms of separation, in order to embrace all that is and heal… What thought forms keep me in separation? Can I now surrender and allow connection, understanding myself and others as connected in this great web of life?

Blue Overtone Monkey, Kin 31: Sunday 17 August – Today we receive the power of spirit through trusting and being guided by the pure energy of change… To push the boundaries of the known and enter into the worlds of magic and transformation… To radiate the power of change as a joyful command, as a child playing with the magic of creation, just to see what can be done… What are the boundaries that I can push, that may possibly transform my life into more joy and connection with spirits innate power?

Yellow Rhythmic Human, Kin 32: Monday 18 August – Today we have gained wisdom from yesterdays boundary-pushing antics, and so we begin to organise our lives by listening to the wisdom of our physical bodies and gathering the resources that are needed to bring more balance into our lives… These resources include the plant medicines that our body may be calling for… Aligning with the plant and mineral kingdoms to allow our body wisdom to reveal the path that is best for us, or others that we are working with… What does my body truly need to stay in balance?

Red Resonant Skywalker, Kin 33: Tuesday 19 August – Today we may find ourselves exploring what it is to express in a raw and instinctive way, any energy that wants to move through us… The key is allow, allow, allow and become highly inspired by the movement of energy that comes up and out from our very core… There is an element of the witness here, just witnessing what it is to express in the moment with no filters… Sing, dance and allow communication in the ways that channel through us… What are my blocks to allowing pure life force to express through me in a raw and unbridled manner?

White Galactic Wizard, Kin 34: Wednesday 20 August – Today we integrate the last 7 days through finding our minds deep receptivity to reflecting the truth of life, as it is, beyond any projections… A clear mirror of what is, is offered today as all energy was expressed yesterday to allow the minds crystalline ability to cut through what is not real, and anchor a deep portal of timeless presence… What is reflected through the honest mirror of our reality to reveal the bare bones of truth in our everyday? What concepts have we held to that get in the way of coming into integrity with being receptive to the truth as it is?

Art Courtesy Of Aquarius Visionary-ArtBlue Solar Eagle, Kin 35: Thursday 21 August – Today we realise ourselves as co-creators through trusting the greater vision of what we are doing here… This encourages us to get creative and envision the most magical realities that we can, allowing those visions to pulse through us and out into the cosmos… What is the greatest and most creative picture you can envision? How does that assist in the healing of the planet?

Yellow Planetary Warrior, Kin 36: Friday 22 August – Today the healing is made manifest, as we focus on the highest potential of living a life untainted by fear… We attune to the intelligence of our bodies and allow the natural growth to usher us forth into blossoming, just as the plants grow from seed to flowering, unhindered, so too we allow the natural healing process to inform our growth… What fear is in the way of my growth? What is my highest potential beyond fear?

Red Spectral Earth, Kin 37: Saturday 23 August – Today we release busy-ness as we learn to listen to the synchronicities that guide us back through our bloodlines to release any energy that is bound up in old patterns that no longer serve… We learn patience as we allow ourselves to feel back through the cycles to feel any blocks or fear that need liberating, in order to evolve fully into the now, revealing where we are headed in this evolutionary spin… What old inherited patterns can I now let go of in order to benefit myself, those that came before, those that are yet to come and the Earth?

White Crystal Mirror, Kin 38: Sunday 24 August – Today we are able to share the truth in a with deep compassion and love, cutting through the illusions to connect directly in a straight-forward way… The sword of truth is fashioned with the compassionate mind, as we reach out to connect clearly, dedicated to living in community in truth and love… What words of compassion can you speak today that cut through old boundaries and bring you closer to loved ones, known and unknown?

Autumn Skye ART
Autumn Skye ART

Blue Cosmic Storm, Kin 39: Monday 25 August – Today the presence of healing is with us as we dive deep into the collective to uncover unconscious motivations… Through witnessing these buried patterns we allow for the presence of deep transformation in all of our lives, as the collective unconscious becomes conscious, and the energy once buried is now allowed the free form of pure transmutation… Pay deep attention to your dreams this morning as clues… What carries the deepest healing, that in turn allows free and unhindered communication with the Spirit realms? What are your dreams showing you to change?

So beloveds a very full cycle of accomplishment, that brings healing and a deeper knowledge of what is required in order for deep change to occur in the collective consciousness…

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