This weekend on Saturday 1.30pm (NZ time) I am hosting Part 2 (the better part) of my Mayan Dreamspell Webinar, the first one happened last Friday/Saturday.

Which did not record sadly, so have spent yesterday re-recording and it is now available on purchase of the full 2 part Webinar set.

This weekends Webinar will be shared through Zoom and recorded. You will also get access to a Dreamspell workbook pdf and this years 13 Moon Synchronometer as a pdf to track the days.


In this Webinar we will be diving deeply into each of the 20 Tribes to explore their meanings, as well as each of the 13 Tones. We will also be revealing how to track your years and especially how to go back through your life to uncover each years evolutionary learning, so that you get a greater perspective on your lifes evolution!

You will learn how to track each day and year of your life, so you can track your own evolution and be in greater acceptance and gratitude for lifes learning. This is a profound gift to any human being! So we can stop fighting the evolution and thinking it is wrong and accept and be grateful for the potency of the learning. It was a great revelation in my life and the lives of so many…

I hope to see you on the Webinar.

The Full 2-Part WEBINAR set and all mentioned above is $33US.

I so look forward to connecting with you on Zoom if you can make it and if not you can still purchase the full 2-part WEBINAR and receive the recordings and all spoken above. Either way send me a message and I can send you payment  and connection details and direct you to the dropbox file to download all the above.

Many blessings and I look forward to kin-necting with you and any questions you may have this Friday/Saturday, Nov 9/10 depending on where you are on the Earth.


Kin 71

Blue Rhythmic Monkey

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