Chie Yoshii
Chie Yoshii

The Warrior Wavespell is with us again, from 15-27 March. This is a time for Light beings getting focused on their part of the play of battling fear. To arise together to enhance and embody the beauty of our abundant Pacha Mama. The abunDance that was revealed to us in the past Blue Night Wavespell.

This is the 16th cycle of the 20 cycles of the TzolKin. Here we enter the cycle of the Warrior, the cycle of fearless, intelligent Quest-i-on-ing…

1 Magnetic Warrior – Attracting Fearless Intelligent Questioning

2 Lunar Earth – Stabilising Listening Navigating Synchronicity

3 Electric Mirror – Activating Reflecting Endless Order

4 SelfExisting Storm – Defining Transforming Catalysing Energy

5 Overtone Sun – Radiating Enlightened Solar Fire

6 Rhythmic Dragon – Organising Nurturing Birthing Response-ability

7 Resonant Wind – Inspiring Channeling Spirit Communication

8 Galactic Night – Integrating Intuitive Abundant Dreaming

9 Solar Seed – Realising Targeting Potential Awareness

10 Planetary Serpent – Manifesting Instinctual Surviving Life Force

11 Spectral Worldbridger – Liberating Surrendering Opportunities Death

12 Crystal Hand – Co-operating Accomplishing Healing Knowledge

12 Cosmic Star – Presence Creative Artful Beauty and Harmony

So beloveds here we begin on the Journey of the Warrior…

1 Yellow Magnetic Warrior

There was once a girl who was born with a deep sense of being in this new incarnation, on a Quest. She was so focused on finding what her Quest was, that as she grew she would quest-i-on everything. In that questioning, she attracted questions from others. Each question lead to the next step, in her intense and fearless focus of finding her mission.

2 Red Lunar Earth

Her questions lead her to stop, and listen, to the Earth around her. To the animals, the winds, the subtle movement of the leaves. She looked to the rocks and the rivers, the ancientness of this Earth and learnt of cycles gone by. She learnt of the elemental worlds and the changes that happen when elements intermingle – the alchemy of water and earth, what happened when fire and air came together. And so many answers came, thru tracking the messages of the Earth. And she learned to navigate, as synchronicities revealed the path.

3 White Electric Mirror

She reflected on what the Earth had shown her, guiding her to align her senses, in a way that activated sparks of truth, always serving to follow her Quest. She was honest and direct with what she felt, fearlessly truthful. At times people were surprised with her forthright and honest manner, which whether they liked it or not would crack through any fear held. Ultimately this would serve them and herself to pierce through distortions, reflecting a basic order of truth. Revealing clearly what serves and what doesn’t serve, our emotional intelligence and Quest.

4 Blue SelfExisting Storm

She saw that her journey catalysed change in others as much as herself, and this encouraged her that she was on the right track. She recognised that old concepts that were no longer valid, were transformed into pure energy. Through a pool of chaos that became fodder for the mind, to refashion into creative ideas, that fashioned greater support for the coming times. And so she became very creative at envisioning energetic solutions to all she was seeing and her intelligence grew.

5 Yellow Overtone Sun

With this increase of energy, she naturally began to take command of her own creations. Re-membering herself as an independent sovereign light being, here to command and create with the light. She came into the Source of her power as aligned with the Light, her MANA. This empowerment, in turn empowered others to shine their light, as they looked to her radiance, and were touched by it.

6 Red Rhythmic Dragon

She recognised the need to look after her physical reality and extend that, to take responsibility for the physical reality around her in order to maintain balance, and worked to ensue that all had their needs met, beginning with herself. Equality became important to her, as she organised the resources for all to have their needs met, and the physical world in and around her was cared for and nurtured, and through this she came into a deep sense of balance.

7 White Resonant Wind

Her communication skills grew, and she became very receptive and open to sharing messages that channeled through her from Spirit. Inspired to communicate messages received through sound and dance, and clear communication which in turn inspired others to tune in and turn on. She felt like a resonant pure channel of energy as Spirit anchored timeless realms through her and into the Earth, inspiring herself and others.


8 Blue Galactic Night

She felt more integrated, walking her talk, as her questions revealed knowledge received by diving deep into the unconscious realms of her in-tuition. She found the more she tuned into these realms, where messages from Spirit had anchored energy and messages through her, the more answers arrived to her seemingly endless quest-i-ons. And she came to model and live the dreaming that was revealed, harmonising, by bringing a healing intelligence to all that was touched by her in the collective unconscious.

9 Yellow Solar Seed

The unconscious dreaming became the roots that lifted her higher. Setting her sights higher, guided by the Light of focusing intently on becoming the highest potential of pulsing light she could be. As a plant growing from the dark depths of the Earth, facing towards the Sun to flower in all its beauty, harmonising the world. So she realised her potency, light growing into the bright light of enlightenment. As she held that focus, she experienced and realised the Light pulsing through her stronger.

10 Red Planetary Serpent

The result of so much energy pulsing through, was an expansion of her instinct to manifest the perfection of her Quest. Guided to leap where her instincts took her, her vitality and life force expanded. She was vital, alive, present to the moments intensity and willing to explore all that was ignited by this, allowing herself to jump into whatever life brought forth. She felt her quest manifested in her capacity to be a fully alive and present, ever open to exploring and expanding.

11 White Spectral Worldbridger

With the intensity of life manifested, excess energy was liberated by reaching out to others and sharing the energy that had been produced. Releasing her intense one-pointed focus, to expanding her spheres and creating opportunities for others. She became very relaxed and surrendered as doorways opened to connect many worlds, and opportunities for connection flooded in.

CDL-Peace-Mother-rattling-2-300x19912 Blue Crystal Hand

And so the many worlds connected, catalysing new ways of looking at the world. And she was able to share new knowledge that streamed in. Enabling co-creation, a greater intelligence for all, bringing further intelligence and healing to the ways of living in community. Gratefully a new level of knowledge had opened up collectively, as she co-operated with others in common unity.

13 Yellow Cosmic Star

And so she became very present as a co-creator with consciousness, choosing to create beauty. As a result her life became an art-form. She held the presence of a spark of light joining with other sparks of light, to weave the tapestry of the harmonic matrix. Guided by ancient wisdom and the wisdom of her own choices, to co-create the new culture of the ancient future.

Blessed be dear hearts, I hope you enjoyed this story of what it is to walk as the Spiritual Warrior of Light, fearlessly walking with our PachaMama.

I am Vasumi and it is part of my Quest to offer my support, here are my offerings …

And if you would like to be guided at this time to your part to play, I offer sessions where we explore together to gain greater insight and focus. And the book that supports you in Tracking Time Codes yourself.


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  1. Wow, Thankyou for your playfulness and light that you shine on this wavespell…..feeling blessed to read this today… Thank you… Love neat x

    1. Hi Jennifer… Yes at the outset it appears complicated, because that is what the Gregorian time we follow is, so we approach it with that… This system is received well as an oral transmission straight off, as it is actually very simple, once you have the foundation inner-standing of what is being measured… So again I suggest a ‘one-on-one’ session plus the ‘Tracking Time Codes’ Workbook to get you started and then you are set, and very soon, will be offering the same to others… To directly access those sessions and the workbook, here is the link to my offerings……. Bless and hope to see you on the path… In lak’ech

  2. Hi Marsha…
    So happy to guide you… and yes that is a strong signature and we will also dive into what you are learning this year as you focus on becoming all that you can be… here is the link to the personal sessions –… I look forward to walking the path with you… Bless and In Lak’ech

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