Kin 33: Red Resonant Skywalker

  Good morning planetary kin… Today is the 7th day of the Hand wavespell of healing… A day where we may be inspired to express passionately… Where we explore raw instinctive expression… The healing process encourages energy to be expressed, rather than repressed, better out than in, nothing held back… We are supported today by […]

Kin 9: Red Solar Moon

Happy bEarthday Andrew… So this is the 9th year of a 13-year cycle of going with the flow and connecting to pure consciousness… This year is all about your ability to respond to the flow of the present moment, guided by your instinct… To allow kundalini to pulse up your spine and cleanse and purify […]

Kin 159: Blue Electric Storm (Sunday 21 July)

So beloveds a dear brother of mine passed away, a wild and beautiful spirit, Red Lunar Dragon, a strong Kali man with a tenderness and heart masked by his wonderful wild exterior… I love you Jack, your spirit has always been my Strength… So today there is ample energy available for change as we delve […]

Kin 123: Blue Rhythmic Night (Saturday 15 June)

Today we organise our abundance, as true Gaians, living on an abundant planet… As long as there is anyone on this planet not having their daily needs met, we know that we still have work to do… Our planet is the planet of abundance, and equality is what we are organizing for today… So today […]

Kin 114: White Planetary Wizard (Thurs, June 6)

Today is Day 10, the day where we manifest the most potent life force through anchoring the frequencies of the cosmos that we explored and experienced yesterday, down through the gravitational spin of the physical dimension with our breath… Breathing, singing or communicating ourselves into a mode of anchoring a deep receptivity to many dimensions…  Today […]

Kin 112: Yellow Galactic Human (Tuesday June 4)

The 8th day of the Serpent wavespell, and the 7th GAP day brings the wisdom born of yesterdays intensity… As we integrate and honour our experiences, by fearlessly choosing to focus on our capacity to influence creation, and choose all that is enlivening to our lives, ensuring increased life force and survival… Pre-dawn we may […]

Kin 232: Yellow Spectral Human ‘Liberating Wisdom’

Hi folks… So today is day 11 of the Wind wavespell… A day for liberation through freeing up all the energy built up over the past 11 days… Day 1 sets the purpose that builds over 10 days, Day 10 manifests that purpose (yesterday), and Day 11 releases all the energy no longer needed… Day […]

Kin 109: Red Overtone Moon ‘We are the frontline of our bloodlines’

‘We are the frontline of our bloodlines’ These are words from a wonderful and powerful song by a dear sistar Elen Evolove in Byron Bay… And they ring true for this Overtone Moon day… A day where purifying our bloodlines through rolling back the generations to truly feel what it is our ancestors felt, not […]