Kin 216: Yellow Galactic Warrior ‘Integrating Intelligence’

God Morning Planetary Agents of Change… So today is the 8th day of the fluid, purifying Moon cycle of 13 days… Today we work primarily in the mental plane, so when we couple the Warriors fearless intelligence with the mental plane and the Moon cycle, we are able to we integrate the pure flow of […]

Kin 215: Blue Resonant Eagle ‘Inspiring Vision’

Good Morning Planetary Kin… So today is day 7 of the 13 day cycle of the Moon, the cycle of flow and purification… Today the flow inspires us to see what more can be accomplished as we turn from floating to swimming in the tides of pure consciousness… How to pack a lot into the […]

Kin 214: White Rhythmic Wizard ‘Welcome to the New Time’

Dear Planetary Kin… So finally I am back to the technosphere after gloriously playing in the mountains away from all distractions from our beloved Gaia… What a divine and magical time it is here on Planet Earth.. I feel freed up, freed up from the ‘What will?’ ‘How will?’ and all the other quest-i-ons that […]

Kin 205: Red Planetary Serpent ‘Perfecting Instinct’

Hey beloveds… Today is Day 10 of Warrior wavespell, a couple of days till Dec 21… Here we go!!! Today is the day to perfect what it is we need for survival, yet not just survival but awakened survival… To perfect our intelligence by exploring what it is to truly expand and awaken our life […]

Kin 204: Yellow Solar Seed ‘Pulsing the New Time’

So beloveds the excitement is building as we come to this 9th day of the Warrior wavesepll and three days to go till the most cosmic line up we will ever experience, which is a first for all of humanity… Time to release all fear of unknowns and unknowable and focus as seeds reaching to […]

Kin 202: White Resonant Wind ‘Channeling Spirit’

Good Morning Planetary Kin in a state of deep internal transition… Today I honour my dear friend Rahb who is this signature this year… A dedicated instrument of co-creation, anchoring a new system to receive the sounds of the New Time, adhering to SPIRITS messages each day, uncovering a most divine way to play the […]

Kin 199: Blue SelfExisting Storm ‘Defining Change’

Today is Day 1 of the Rhythmic (6th) Moon of this Blue Resonant Storm year… Today is also Day 4 of the Warrior wavespell of intelligently questioning everything, so that we may define what it is to go beyond fear to the core of our planetary missions… The form of this quest becomes defined by […]

Kin 198: White Electric Mirror ‘Serving Truth’

Dear kin… So today is 12/12/12… it is also the 3rd day of the Warrior wavespell, White Electric Mirror… A day where fearlessness is activated by communicating directly what is felt through our emotional bodies… A day to serve the mission through having the order it will take, be revealed through channeling from spirit… Today […]

Kin 193: Red Spectral Skywalker ‘Expressive Freedom’

Hello Planetary Kin… Today is the 11th day of the 13 day cycle of the Night… The cycle of living our dreams of abundance for all beings… For in effect it is not really just ourselves that we want abundance for, as we dare to dream bigger and bigger, we truly would like abundance for […]

Kin 191: Blue Solar Monkey ‘Realising Magic’

Good Morning… Today is the 9th day of the Night wavespell… and today I am going to push my own boundaries, in true money style, and direct you to my dear friend John’s blog, where he so eloquentiy relays the overall message of our times… John will setting up a subscription soon, so I […]