Seeding the New EarthSo beloveds the excitement is building as we come to this 9th day of the Warrior wavesepll and three days to go till the most cosmic line up we will ever experience, which is a first for all of humanity… Time to release all fear of unknowns and unknowable and focus as seeds reaching to the sun, in full pulsing of the levitating growth that knows its way home to full flowering of our highest potentials… Here is a wonderful video that plays fantastically with what could possibly occur…

Today we pulse with the energy of co-creation, joining with others to focus on the highest potential for all of life everywhere… Guided by the Sun, we are pulsed today by Alcyone (our Central Sun, situated in the Pleides), to realise the potential of what is coming as we join as One Heart, One Mind and One Planet, one with all that is … We are also coming into the alignment that aligns our Earth, with our Sun, with our Central Sun (Alcyone), with our Great Central Sun (Sirius) that will be spot on on 21/22 Dec for 8 mins… Can we feel it!!! Solar Seeding setting the intention to focus together as One, pulsing with the realisation of all as One with the greatest highest potential we could ever imagine to be!!!

Today is supported by Blue Solar Eagle, guided by the MONK-Key… Setting the intention to trust the greater vision, allowing our imaginations to pulse with the magic that reveals the vision of a planet healed and in divine alignment with the heart of our universe…

Todays challenge that strengthens is White Solar Wizard, guided by the Dog… Anchoring the most divine pulse of unconditional love that bridges all the worlds, heart-centred and divine, receptive and realised as the receptive heart pulsing and anchoring a bridge between all the worlds… All inclusion, All as LOVE!!!

Todays hidden gift is Red Overtone Earth, guided by the Serpent… The Mana, the power of the Earth as radiant life force, awakening all of from the slumber of the past 12,000 years… Are we ready to be fully empowered as one with our planet, our solar system, our galaxy and our uni-Verse… May we listen deeply to the tones of our mama Earth and allow her radiance to rise up through our kundalini and awaken all the divinity that we are, as empowered radiant life!!!

So beloveds, such divine and blessed days we are in, release all that is of fear and focus wHoly on love, connected to the one true source of love and light that resides in your very own heart… WE ARE LOVE!


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