Access to Pure Consciousness reveals Brilliance – Red Moon Wavespell

And so we have begun the 13-day cycle of the Red Moon, giving access to the Pure Consciousness beyond the disharmonic overlay of the conditioning of control and slave-making… Open yourself to this and trust the brilliance that flows through you in these 13 days… Cleansing and clearing old conditioning, especially if you remain open […]

ABUNDANCE – the intuitive dreaming of our planet: Blue Night Wavespell, Kin 183-195

And so to the Night wavespell we flow, into the story of Abundance, Intuition and the Dreaming of our planet… 1 MAGNETIC attracting – NIGHT Abundance, Intuition, Dreaming 2 LUNAR stabilising – SEED Target, Awareness, Flowering 3 ELECTRIC activating – SERPENT Survive, Instinct, Life Force 4 SELF EXISTING defining – WORLDBRIDGER Surrender, Opportunity, Death 5 OVERTONE […]

Weaving the Web of LOVE – WHITE DOG WAVESPELL, Kin 170-182

Hi there beautiful people and welcome to the cycle of Univsersal LOVE… This is about you as Love, not so much looking for personal love in other, but the Love that we are deep inside… Like Grandmother Spider weaving the threads of Love or the web of Kin, across the universe… Who we are when we […]

EVOLVING THROUGH SYNCHRONICITY: Red Earth Wavespell, Kin 157-169

7-19 September, 2015 Welcome to the 13-day cycle that explores evolution, ‘time as an art-form’ and synchronicity… We will navigate this through focusing on the story of Great Earth Mother as the archetype that evolves through time and synchronicity… Like the great Turtle, slow, listening for the synchronicities that in-form evolution… 1 Purpose – Earth Time, […]

MAGIC is AFOOT!!! Blue Monkey Wavespell

Blessings to you divine beings of light, Kin, mi familia… Today we begin the light reprieve of the 13-day Blue Monkey Wavespell, following the intensity of the last month of recent Serpent and Mirror wavespells… The Monkey is magical, playful, innocent and full of mischief, and asks us to trust in the magic at play in […]

BIRTHING THE NEW EARTH – Dragon Wavespell, Kins 1-13

RED DRAGON WAVESPELL, Kin 1-13: Sat 4 – Thu 16 April; Planetary Moon 1-13 Welcome to a new 260-day cycle of the Tzolkin… What with Full Blood Moon Eclipses occurring on the birthing of a new cycle, we have the Green Light to Birth the New Earth!!! It will take internal focus to come into […]


Beloved Kin… Welcome to the final wavespell or 13-day cycle of 20 cycles, making up 260 days, from Kin 1 to Kin 260 of the Mayan Tzolkin or Harmonic Matrix… This is the cycle of creation, creating harmony and art… Elegantly co-creating with the creator… 1 MAGNETIC – attract; STAR – create, art, elegance 2 […]


Hola beautiful people and welcome to the Eagle Wavespell of vision and far-reaching insight, bringing highly creative ideas for healing our planet… Please be aware that here we are reading and intuiting codes, so if this information is not following a linear, logical mind set alone, then opt for allowing your intuitive, feeling, creative mind to also follow […]

Blue Hand Wavespell, Kin 27-39

Dear Kin… After a couple of wavespells of traveling and break from the cyber world, I am returning on the morning of this Blue Hand wavespell to connect again and explore the coming Time together… The Blue Hand wavespell is the 3rd of the 20 x 13-day cycles that make up the Tzolkin of 260 […]