Wind Wavespell cont. Kin 227-230

Hi dear friends of the Earth… Great to walk this path of Spirit with you, in this wonderful Wind Wavespell of channeling Spirit direct, through the mediums of sound, music, dance, communication, prayer and any other iniinite variety of creation that Spirit guides us to be and do… And so to the days… Blue Rhythmic […]

Kin 230: White Solar Dog (Monday 30 September / Electric Moon 11 Kali)

Today is the 9th and peak day of this Wind wave spell, as the previous 8 days have built the energy of spirit to be pulsing strongly through us today… And in my physical reality the Wind outside is huge… Today we realise that Spirit communicates through us when we are surrendered to the heart, […]

Kin 100: Yellow Solar Sun (May 23, ’13) – Pulsing Light

Dear friends… Happy bEarthday Lahla Aroha… A divine siStar that shines so brightly already, will be shining even more brightly today and the rest of this year…. So today is the 9th day of the 13-day cycle of the Human, where free will and making wise choices allow us to be influential in our lives… […]

Kin 230: White Solar Dog ‘Realising Compassion’

So good afternoon, planetary kin… Well it seems disaster has struck, well not the life ending type, and nothing compared to many experiences, but definitely one that slows down my mission… As with all disasters, this one has a silver lining I am sure… So two days ago my computer stopped working, I had a […]

Kin 204: Yellow Solar Seed ‘Pulsing the New Time’

So beloveds the excitement is building as we come to this 9th day of the Warrior wavesepll and three days to go till the most cosmic line up we will ever experience, which is a first for all of humanity… Time to release all fear of unknowns and unknowable and focus as seeds reaching to […]

Kin 100: Yellow Solar Sun ‘Courageous lllumination’

Hey there beloveds… So today is the 9th day of the Free Will Wisdom wavespell… and the 14th day of the Lunar (second) Moon of this Blue Resonant Storm year 2012/13… So today suggests we set our intention to fearlessly shine our light… And today I have been listening to a webcast that is encouraging […]

Kin 230: White Solar Dog (guided by the Worldbridger) / Planetary 25 / Apr 28

Good Morning Beloved Kin… Today is the 9th day of the Wind wavespell… Today we realise unconditional love as our capacity to surrender fully to spirit and allow the force of the heart to pulse through us… Todays support energy is Red Solar Moon, guided by the Serpent, in the wavespell of the Dragon… To […]