Hey there beloveds…

So today is the 9th day of the Free Will Wisdom wavespell… and the 14th day of the Lunar (second) Moon of this Blue Resonant Storm year 2012/13…

So today suggests we set our intention to fearlessly shine our light… And today I have been listening to a webcast that is encouraging our capacity to ‘Bring our Gift to the Shift‘ – how to bring our work out to a wider audience, to truly be seen that we may pulse our fullest gifts and share and become part of this amazing TimeWave… I realise for myself that I am finally ready for this and it seems by the number of mentors that are coming my way, consciousness itself agrees… So yes today I make the decision and set the intention to fully shine the light on this ancient future wisdom and my capacity to share it with more of the world!!!

Today is supported by Blue Solar Storm, guided by the Eagle, in the Monkey wavespell… This is my dear dear brother Alex, and wow what a wonderful whirlpool of magical joy he stirs up wherever he goes, guided by his capacity to see the possibilities for change that open the more he brings joy to every reality he walks in… So I thankyou dear brother for your walk on our planet as a change agent, supporting the shift to a more joyful creative reality for all you touch!

Todays challenge that strengthens is White Solar Dog, guided by the Worldbridger, in the Wind wavespell… To realise Spirit as our capacity to connect with all worlds which we have the opportunity to touch, with compassion and the devotion to being the messengers of spirits calling… To sing in devotion and abandon to spirit, allowing ourselves to be pure channels for the angels…

Todays hidden gift is Red Overtone Dragon, guided by the Moon, in the Earth wavespell… Becoming empowered to flow with our responsibility to the collective evolution of the Earth and all beings… Answering to our unique puzzle piece that assists the Shift!!!

Beloveds what a glorious day on planet Earth to truly align with what we are here for… How we serve, by choosing to shine our unique light fearlessly, overcoming the conditioning of old to truly step up and give our gifts to bEarth the New Earth and the New Time!



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